Things that remind me of my age

I try to embrace getting older because I say, “if you are not getting older, you’re dead,” and I am very happy to be alive.  But funny things happen that SO remind me of my age, and I want to log them here just for the giggle factor.

Dec 2012 – I was telling the 10 year old boy next door about a movie I liked directed by Steven Spielberg and he didn’t know who Steven Spielberg was – I get that – so I said, “he directed Jurassic Park”. He had never heard of Jurassic Park.

Jan 3, 2013 – I was playing a hidden object video games with a neighbor boy who is 11 and he said out loud, “Film? I have to find film? I barely know what film looks like.”   
It was on the table. It was yellow and black and said Kodak on it – he had to use a hint to find it.

Jan. 2013 – I don’t know what Instagram is. In all fairness, I have a cell phone that doesn’t take pictures.

Mar. 2013 – A neighbor pointed out that I had cut myself on my leg, half way between the back of my knee and my heel.  I looked down and apparently I somehow cut my leg (without realizing it). It bled (without me realizing it). The blood ran down my leg to my heel (without me realizing it) and then dried, and I was none the wiser, til someone else saw it.  Still I never found a dried puddle where it had hit the ground anywhere.

4 thoughts on “Things that remind me of my age

  1. Well it’s a good thing you didn’t run in the house, and grab your VHS copy of Jurassic Park as proof. That would’ve been embarrassing.


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