This is the tipping point in my life

This is the tipping point in my life. I can feel it.

This is where I finally “get it” and it works out for me. This is where I get to go back to helping others more than others helping me. That is where I feel most comfortable. My natural state.

In “the before time”, that is where I had always been.  The “helper” not the “helpee”.

And it’s not because I am some grandiose wonderful superior being. Although I am :o)  It is because I like to feel I have some control over my life, and when you need help, you are not in control.

The funny thing is I have learned that I have NO control and I have ALL control, and it is all perfect.

So I just wanted to share this vibration.

This is it!

I can feel it in the soles of my bare feet. The tipping point in my life is HERE. And what comes next is going to be an out-of-control RUSH. And I am ready!