How to Navigate this Site

I have tried to set it up so that things can be found easily.

In the right nav bar it says, “Categories as Pages” and everything that gets posted goes into at least one of those categories. Often multiple categores. I have tried to name and describe the categories acurately. If you want to read motivational quotes, go to that category and everything I have tagged as a motivational quote will be there. You can also find all posts in reverse chronological order under “Recent Posts”.

I hope that what you find on this site inspires you or resonates with you also, and I invite you to comment.

This site contains stuff I find around the web or that is sent to me that I like enough to want to share it with others. I only have ownership of my personal blog posts, my personal affimations and my personal quotes (one so far). If you own something here and would like me to add credit or take it down, please email me and I will gladly comply.

Blessings and good fortune to you always, and thanks for stopping by.  Kathleen

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