– My Motto in Life is the same as my blood type.  ~  Be Positive :o)

August 12, 2012

My name is Kathleen, I am 52 years old, and I live in Florida with my two beloved dogs.

The sole reason I created this blog is to have a place where I can collect positive things that I find around the web.  A web-based place where everyday I can access things that motivate me and make me feel good.  The quotes, videos, stories and photos I plan to add here, I have found inspiring or just resonated with me in some way.

The last eleven years have been extremely difficult for me, but that is all changing now, and I only want to focus on positive things.  I only want positive things in my life.  If something I post here helps, pleases, inspires, motivates, or resonates with another being on this planet – or even on some other planet – even in a small way, all the better.
And if no one ever sees this site but me, that’s fine too.

I have been thinking for several months that I wanted to build a site like this, and saving things I want to put on it, but it was just today that I saw this quote and I think it beautifully sums up the essence of my idea for this site.

Re-examine all you have been told,
at school or church or in any book.
Dismiss whatever insults your own soul.
– Walt Whitman –

With the launch of this blog, I am officially dismissing from my life, whatever insults my Soul.
. . . . except taxes.  :o)

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