The perfect time and space – Jafree Ozwald

I saw this posted on another site and it resonated with me.

The moment you realize that the Universe cannot ever make a mistake, you’ll understand how you are always in the perfect place, at the perfect time.

When you stop trying to get somewhere “better” than this moment of your life, you will arrive in Heaven on Earth.

You have been searching and seeking for lifetimes and you are exhausted!Β  It’s time to let go of all this striving and simply relax into this final destination you deserve.

A feeling of bliss, immense joy, and everlasting peace will instantly arise within you when you truly rest inside and let your mind take a vacation from the search.

The moment you have fully accepted perfection is your natural state, then everything on your “to do” list becomes an adventure in discovering the Divine within.

It’s good to know it is always available inside you now.

I feel MUCH better. Don’t you?